Observer calls Grier “Statewide Knock-out”

In a boxing themed wrap-up of the 2005-06 General Assembly, the Charlotte Observer named Grier one of four “Statewide Knock-outs”:

“Ringside in Raleigh”

Politics is nothing if not sport. It takes muscle and brains and conditioning. Nowhere are those qualities (or their absence) more obvious than when the members of the N.C. General Assembly enter the ring in Raleigh, dance in circles and throw punches. That dizzying fray makes it pretty easy to tell the heavyweights from the middleweights and lightweights. …. For scoring purposes, the heavyweights and knockouts are the ones who won the most rounds. The middleweights are the ones who held their own — or showed promise. The others are ones who, well, got their feet tangled or went down for the count. Put up your dukes, strap on your gloves and play along! ….

Statewide knock-outs:
Rep. Grier Martin , D-Wake: The square-jawed face and gentlemanly manner are familiar. He’s D.G. Martin’s son, and his diligence in his first term in the House shows public service may be in the genes. His committee assignments, including Appropriations and Education, were important and he gave them the attention they needed.”

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