Statement on the UNC Board of Governors

Today, the House nominated members to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors. In determining my vote, I considered the fact that one of the most important functions of the Board is to select and retain the President of the University system. I noted that this year the Board was confronted with the important issue of the continuation of the President in that role.

In their handling of that issue, the judgment and courage of the Board members were tested and were found lacking.

This sort of failure should not be rewarded with another term on the Board of Governors.

I would have preferred to not vote for any incumbent who either actively participated in this matter or who passively sat by and allowed it to happen. I regret that the applicant pool was diminished to the point that there was no choice but to vote for some incumbents. The secrecy by which the Board of Governors took their action does not permit those of us charged with their re-appointment to make a fully informed decision on which, if any, members merited re-appointment.

I am under no illusions that my vote will make a difference. But, I hope that those who today were granted another term on the Board of Governors will hear the message I deliver on behalf of my 80,000 constituents, and pledge themselves to find the courage to never again fail the people of our great state.


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