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Grier Speaks to Small Business Garage Owners

Rep. Martin spoke tonight to a meeting of the Wake/Johnson/Franklin/Granville/Wilson unit of the Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGO).  The IGO is a trade organization serving  small businesses in the automotive repair, service and collision industry.  Grier spoke about the importance of IGO members getting involved in what goes on at the General Assembly. […]
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Grier Recognized by Chamber of Commerce for Jobs Legislation

Grier Martin was recognized today at a meeting of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Board of Advisors for his efforts in passing a law giving tax relief to companies that produce interactive digital media.  Also recognized were Sen. Richard Stevens (R-Wake) and Rep. Chris Heagarty (D-Wake). The Triangle is the third largest center for interactive […]
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Creating jobs for NC in the Global Economy

North Carolina is working to promote economic growth and stimulate job creation in the global economy. The bipartisan Committee on Global Engagement is working to make North Carolina the most globally engaged state in the nation. Rep. Grier Martin is a member of the committee, which began meeting last month. The Committee’s most recent meeting […]
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